MINDSAFARIS™ MindMapping Playshop

Saturday, May 18th, from 9 to noon

Limited Seating | RSVP today!


Unleash your inner creative genius during this playtime! Imagine huge sheets of paper, lots of colors, friends alongside. Come and make a MindMap for your next project, business or personal. You could map out a sales campaign or your summer vacation. When you get it out of your head on to paper, you generate effortless energy for success. Your guide is SharonAnn Hamilton, an intuitive change and business coach based in San Diego.

Do you need to ‘repurpose’ your life because of job transition or retirement?

Do you feel you’ve been living up to the expectations of others and it is time to find your own?

Are you wondering where to start and how to get help?

You are not alone.

As your personal life coach, I walk with you on your journey to change.

I am with you, for you, every step of the way. I bring resources and tools to help you rebuild and replan, reshape and revive.

I invite you to explore the world using MindSafaris™.

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Get Ready!

  • What is Mind Safaris?
  • What Is Life Coaching?
  • How I Can Help?
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  • Personality Quiz
  • Readiness Evaluation
  • Transformation Tips
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Get Going!

  • The Journey
  • Six Steps
  • Connect to your Vision
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  • Upcoming Classes
  • Coaching Packages
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Resources & Tools

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